Dr. Simon has moved as of December 17th, 2018!!

Jon E. Simon, M.D.
GBMC Health Partners at Hunt Manor
3346 Paper Mill Road
Phoenix, MD 21131
phone 410-666-4060
fax 410-666-4068

Dear Patients and Parents:

I am excited to announce that my practice has moved to a new location, just up the road in Phoenix, beginning on December 17, 2018.  I will be joining with GBMC Health Partners at Hunt Manor. For those of you who have known me for a long time, you will remember this as my former office in Jacksonville!

Joining a group practice is a big change for me both personally and professionally, and while there are many challenges to having a larger office shared with other physicians, I still plan to provide the same compassionate, thorough, and personal medical care that I hope you have come to expect from me.  Moreover, I am excited that my patients will have access to the benefits available to all patients in the GBMC group practices, including extended hours and integrated behavioral health services.

I know many of you will have many questions, so please scroll down for Frequently asked Questions.  

Here are the basic details:
  • Dr. Simon will still be practicing full time, and be available for primary care for patients of all ages. 
  • As of Dec 17, please use the new phone number, fax number and address. 
  • If you already have an appointment scheduled after December 17th, you will be contacted to move your appointment to the new location. 
  • For more detailed questions, please scroll down for answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • If you received a bill from Dr. Simon from the Cockeysville office, please use Billing info and Link to Pay Your Bill

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - last updated 12-10-18

Where is the new office and what is the phone number?

  • 3346 Paper Mill Road  Phoenix, MD 21131

  • Located on the corner of Paper Mill Road and Jarrettsville Pike, on the same corner as the Suntrust bank.

  • Phone number 410-666-4060.   

  • Fax number 410-666-4068.  

  • New Practice Website

I need an appointment for routine visit, well baby check etc. in 2019.  When can I call to schedule?

  • You can call any time. Operators are standing by!

  • The schedule is open and we are ready at the new office to start taking appointments 410-666-4060.

I already have a previously-scheduled appointment with Dr. Simon.  What do I do?

  • You will be contacted (in the upcoming weeks) to change over to the new schedule.  Please be patient, as you will need to answer demographic questions. We will make every effort to keep your appointment the same, but there may need to be minor adjustments to the date and or time of your appointment.

Will you still have same-day appointments available?

  • Definitely.  We start each day with open appointments for each day in order to make room for same-day urgent patient visits.   In fact, there will be expanded hours on evenings and Saturdays, staffed by Dr. Simon or one of his new associates.

Will I still be seeing Dr. Simon, or will there be a different doctor every time?

  • When you call, you should ask to schedule with Dr. Simon.  You may be asked to see a different provider if Dr. Simon is away, if his schedule is fully booked, or if you don’t have flexibility with your requested appointment time.

What do I need to do on my first appointment at the new office?

  • Please arrive ten minutes prior to your appointment.  Since the new practice is a different business entity, it will be necessary to fill out new registration paperwork and forms to get you in the new system.

  • Bring your insurance card, medications, and immunization book with you.

Will Dr. Simon still accept my insurance?

  • Every insurance that Dr. Simon accepted at the old office will be accepted.

Will my medical records transfer to the new office?

  • Yes.   You don’t need to do anything at all.  Dr. Simon will have access to your medical records.

I received a bill.  How do I pay it?

  • If your bill is from the Cockeysville office, then you should either mail a check to the Cockeysville location OR pay online via jonsimonmd.com.

Do I have to change anything with my insurance?

  • You don’t have to do anything if your appointment is prior to Dec 17th.

  • If your insurance company requires you to choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP), then yes, you will need to call your insurance company (at least a day or two prior to your appointment) to let them know that you will be seeing Dr. Simon at GBMC Health Partners Hunt Manor location.  

  • If you have Medicare, or if your insurance company does not require a PCP, then you don’t need to do anything else.   Make sure to bring your insurance card to every appointment.

How do I get a prescription refilled?

  • Have your pharmacy contact the new office at 410-666-4060, or you may call yourself.  You will be asked for detailed demographic information to get you in the system.  Please be patient, as this may take a little longer than usual at first.

Is Dr. Simon still the owner of the practice?

  • No.  The practice he is joining is owned by GBMC Health Partners, an affiliate of Greater Baltimore Medical Center.   The physicians will still have autonomy as to how to treat patients, where to refer, etc.

All my doctors are at another hospital (St. Joes, Medstar, Hopkins, etc).  Does this mean I have to switch them, too?

  • Absolutely not.   You are still free to see whatever specialists or other doctors with whom you have an ongoing relationship.  Dr. Simon will always work with and refer to the best specialists necessary for you, regardless of whether they are affiliated with GBMC.

Is Lucy moving with you?

  • I am happy to report that Lucy will be joining me in mid January! She and I have had a great working relationship for thirteen years.  She is my trusted assistant and friend, and I know many of you have come to rely upon her as well.

I can’t go all the way to Phoenix.  How do I get my medical records sent to a different doctor?

  • If you wish to change doctors, please mail or fax a written request, signed by you, specifying where you want the records sent.

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