Patient Portal

Beginning in late 2015, we will have a greater online presence.   Our goal is to provide high quality face to face medical care; we hope to use the web presence to augment the personal character of our small office.  If you have made an appointment recently, you should have received an appointment reminder and an invitation to Patient Fusion.  This is our partner website which manages the secure connection with the office.  Please bear with us as we learn to incorporate the online connection into our daily routines.   We welcome your feedback so we can make improvements.  

Right now we are able to offer: 
  • Online scheduling
  • Access to lab tests, immunization records, vital signs, weight and height, etc.
  • Appointment reminders to your email inbox
  • Ability to view your current medication list

Additional features in the future may include:
  • Secure email communication with the office.
  • Viewing of "care plans," or the instructions / summary that Dr. Simon may print out after your visit. 
In order to access these features, you will need to set up an account at Patient Fusion.   You will receive a login code in your email inbox, and may need to verify identity using the phone number you have on file with the office.