If you are new to the office:

Welcome!  You can call the office during regular business hours to make an appointment.  At your initial visit, Dr. Simon will take a thorough history; for this reason, it is not always possible to offer same-day appointments for new patients.  To save time at your initial visit, you can download the Patient registration form and fill it out before your appointment.  We will make a copy of your insurance card when you arrive.

If you just had a baby:

Congratulations!  If your baby was born at GBMC, then the hospital will notify the office, and Dr. Simon will see your baby either that day or the following morning.  If your baby was born at another hospital, then he or she will be examined by the hospital pediatrician, and you should schedule an initial visit with Dr. Simon for a few days after hospital discharge.  You can also view the New Baby page of this website.